Our Board of Directors

John Sanders (Chair):

“My first contact with the organisation was towards the end of 1998 just after I came back to South Wales after working in London for nearly 20 years. Much of the time since then I’ve been a trustee of the charity. I’ve also written articles for our newsletters – a bit of a busman’s holiday really because for much of my working life I was a journalist and translator.

For seven years before I retired in 2016 I was development manager at the Nystagmus Network (NN) charity. Nystagmus is an eye condition I’ve had since infancy, so I’ve always been vision impaired. There’s no cure and little in the way of treatment for nystagmus, which is one reason I became and remain active in support groups and charities like the CIB, NN and RNIB.”

Ceri Jackson

“I have been a trustee for five years and I was chair of the Board of Trustees for two and a half years.

I’ve worked in the charity sector for over 20 years, most of this time has been spent working with blind and partially sighted people and older people. I was Director for RNIB in Wales for five years and have experience in leading organisations and alliances to deliver sustainable change.

I have also worked as a consultant providing advice, training and support in the third sector. I live in Cardiff with my family. I’m passionate about equality and inclusion, I thoroughly enjoy my trustee role, it’s a great charity that punches above its weight, supporting people when they most need it and helping to reduce loneliness and isolation. There’s a fabulous team spirit within the organisation and I particularly like the meetings we have with staff, volunteers and service users.”

Stuart Fox:

I’ve been a trustee since October 2016 and an employee of RNIB since 2016. I’m passionate about breaking down the barriers to people with sight loss, particularly since a close friend suffered major sight loss following a brain tumour.

Before joining RNIB, I was Head of Finance at Parkinson’s UK, following ten years in investment-related roles at Barclays Capital.

I live in London with my wife and three children.