As a member of the RNIB group of charities, Sight Life abides by its cookies policy. This states that no RNIB website will use cookies to access or store any personal information about our site visitors. When we do use cookies, we use them to make our website work better for you.

Here, we will give you information on how Sight Life uses cookies, including resources that will allow you to make informed choices about deleting or rejecting any cookies that we use. By using our website, you consent to our use of cookies.

What is a cookie?

A “cookie” is a small data file that is sent from a website to the computer, smartphone or tablet used to view that site. They are stored on the hard drive of your device, and affect the way your device interacts with websites. Some cookies are stored only for the duration of your visit to a website, and others can be stored for longer periods of time, sometimes until you manually clear your browser’s cache.

If you would like more general information about about cookie usage, we recommend for further reading the website About Cookies.

Third-party cookies

A “third-party cookie” is a cookie that has not been directly set by Sight Life, but may be installed on your computer when you use our website to do particular things. They are not set by us, so we cannot directly control how they work, but we make sure that we only use third-party cookies that we trust. We take the privacy of our website users seriously.

We use third-party cookies from the following sources:

  • We use Google Analytics cookies to track how visitors interact with our sites, which helps us to improve the way we deliver our website. The information that is collected is anonymous and cannot identify our site visitors. We cannot directly control Google’s cookies when they are active on our sites. Please see more about our Google Analytics usage below.
  • “Share” buttons, which allow you to share pages on social media such as Twitter and Facebook, may set a cookie when you log in to share items from Sight Life’s site.

Google Analytics

As a charity that champions accessibility, Sight Life is committed to providing a website that is as user-friendly as it can be. To help us respond to real-life, real-time ways that people find and interact with our site, we need to collect information about how it is used. We do that through Google Analytics, and the third-party cookies that they have developed to allow us to collect that information.

Analytics collect information that includes, but is not limited to, how people find our site, what keywords or search engines they use to reach us, how many people visit each individual page, how long site visitors stay on each page, how many of them are browsing on mobile devices, the languages that they view our site in, and how many people click on each link. Though this information seems very specific, Google Analytics does not record personal information about the users of our site. It comes to us purely in terms of the numbers of people who carry out particular actions.

Cookies conclusion

The Sight Life’s website will work better with cookies, so we advise you to keep them enabled when you browse our site, in the knowledge that our cookies don’t give us – or anyone else – access to personal data that could be used to identify you. However, of course, you can use your browser settings to delete or reject any cookies. About Cookies offers resources on how to control cookies on your computer, and how to delete them if you would like to.