Breaking the Barriers

20 - 20 March 2015

Breaking the Barriers is an event run by Diverse Cymru as part of the Cardiff Debate, to make Cardiff a more accessible, inclusive place for residents and visitors alike.

Many disabled people, including blind and partially-sighted people, face barriers in everyday life that make it more difficult for them to interact with the world, sometimes preventing them from being active, full members their communities.

The Breaking the Barriers initiative is run by Diverse Cymru as part of the Cardiff Debate, offering a space where disabled people can offer their thoughts on how to make Cardiff a more accessible place to live and visit. The focus areas of Health and Social Care, Employment, Education and Access will give people the chance to discuss what needs to be done to encourage a collaborative effort between disabled people, local authorities, interest groups, businesses and service providers, to raise awareness and start breaking the barriers that can keep people from living vibrant lives.