Don’t forget that the clocks change this weekend!

27 - 28 March 2021

This weekend, the clocks change, so remember to put your clocks and watches forward by an hour before you go to bed on Saturday night!

Every year, the clocks change on the last Sunday in March. When clocks go forward, we enter the British Summer Time (BST) time zone, sometimes called Daylight Saving Time (DST), or GMT+1.

Most smartphones should update the time automatically, but make sure you have automatic updates set to your phone. Most tablets, computers, and other devices connected to the internet, should also update by themselves. If you have an iPhone, iPad or Mac, check that you have your date and time options set to ‘set automatically’ and make sure your iOS is up to date too. But if you have a watch or clock that isn’t digital, you will probably need to manually reset the time. To remember which direction to change the clocks there is a simple old saying to memorise: ‘spring forward, fall back’.