Information for volunteers

Here, we’ve put together some useful information for volunteers, or for people who would like to volunteer their time but want to know what’s involved first. If you want to read about some of the people who already volunteer for us, click here.

What would I be volunteering for?

We have lots of volunteer opportunities. Here are a just few of them:

  • telebefriending (chatting to vulnerable people over the telephone to help reduce their feelings of isolation)
  • supporting people whilst they are attending appointments at the eye clinic
  • being a gym ‘buddy’ supporting a blind person at the gym or leisure centre
  • helping out at one of the social clubs
  • helping with admin work in the office

Tell me about the social clubs

There are a range of clubs meeting weekly and monthly during weekdays and at weekends at various times of the day and evening. Click here to find out more.

What about administrative opportunities?

The Resource Centre offers volunteers opportunities to help out with general administrative duties. We can also offer reception work as well as telephone and retail work.

What support would I get?

When you join us as a volunteer, we will link you to one of our Volunteer Managers. Your manager can give you information and support whenever you may want it.

Will I be insured?

Our volunteers are insured against claims made against them for negligence, providing they are engaged upon tasks allocated to them by Sight Life and are observing the normally expected precautions when responsible for the care of the person in their charge. The implications of this are that you should inform, and have the approval of, Sight Life before changing your role in relation to volunteering.


Our volunteers are aware of the importance of not betraying any confidence that they may have been entrusted with. They are also aware that it is essential for them to follow the confidentiality guidelines laid out by Sight Life.

Do keep in mind that voluntary work is doing something you really want to do rather than something you feel you ought to do. If you need any further information, email us at [email protected].

Come and join our friendly team!