Thanks for your feedback

22 May 2018

Thanks to the fantastic support of two volunteers; Julie and Angela; who phoned 35 people that use our services, we have had some fantastic feedback and suggestions.  Thanks very much to those of you who took part, providing invaluable and uplifting comments.

From the telephone survey we did:

77% of people said they better understand their sight condition and how to manage that or get the treatment available.

100% felt listened to, understood and supported by us and that they knew where to go in future when needing support or someone to talk to.

25% felt they needed less support from their local authority and 14% from their health board since getting support from us.

83% felt better equipped to carry out any day-to-day tasks, such as moving around the house safely, buying and making food, shopping or managing money.

100% were using products or technology designed to make life easier or more enjoyable.

89% said they were doing more things outside of the home, such as visiting friends, shopping and taking part in social or leisure activities.

89% felt less isolated and lonely.

80% felt more independent.

71% were more active and healthy.

77% had more confidence as a result of receiving support from us.

89% felt their life was more enjoyable and fulfilling.

100% felt they had benefited from our service.


Some people said they would be a very different person without CIB. That they wouldn’t have confidence or anything to look forward to.  We were also proud that many people were so appreciative of our staff and volunteers, saying that we go over and above what anybody would expect.


People have recognised that we are very busy and would benefit from more staff and volunteers.  This is something we are striving for but it is incredibly difficult in the current financial climate.  We are very grateful for our local authority, health board and Big Lottery funding; plus all the very generous donations and gifts in wills we receive; and we will continue to seek funding in order to support more people.


From everyone at CIB, we would like to thank you all for your support and friendship.