VI Bowling

Have you stopped playing bowls due to deteriorating vision? Maybe you’ve always thought you couldn’t play due to sight loss? Maybe now is the time to give it a try! Bowls is both social and competitive. Not only can you learn or improve a new skill, you will make great friends as well as play in competitions. Bowls is a Commonwealth Games sport and there are opportunities to represent Wales at many different levels.

The Welsh Association of Visually Impaired Bowlers tells us that Wales has had its share of successes over the years. Representatives have played in National, International, World, Paralympic and Commonwealth Games Championships. Players have included the late Gloria Hopkins of Llanelli at the Commonwealth games held in Manchester. Rosa Crean of Cardiff won the Gold medal at the Atlanta Paralympics. Mary Elias took the Gold medal in Canada at the World Championships. Find out more about how the game is played here.

Outdoor Games


There are two outdoor VI bowling groups in Cardiff. Both run from April to September (weather permitting of course) as this is an outdoor activity.

  • Cardiff Blind Bowls Club meets every Sunday (during the season) from 2pm until 4pm at Llandaff Field’s Bowling Pavilion, Off Cathedral Road, Cardiff. This is a very sociable and relaxed group. It isn’t competitive and the main object is to get people together to enjoy a fun session of bowls. There’s a tea/coffee and cake stop midway through the session and people with all levels of visual impairment are welcome. Coaches/helpers assist when needed.

Contact: Sandra on 029 2056 3822

  • VI Bowling  meets every Monday during the season from 12pm until 2pm at Whitchurch Bowls Club. Coaches/helpers are on hand. People with all levels of visual impairment are welcome. The clubhouse is open and members of the VI group are welcome to access it for refreshments.

Contact: Sheila on 029 2040 0897

Indoor Games

During the more inclement winter months, there is also Indoor Carpet Bowling to help you to keep your hand in. This runs at Sophia Gardens every Saturday 10am to 12pm from October until March. Coaching is once again provided.

Contact Sheila on 029 2040 0897

So why not give it a try? You’ll have fun – you may even get bowled over!