I want to fundraise

Sight Life’s dedicated staff and volunteers provide a wide range of services and support for blind and partially sighted people. We are passionate about changing the lives of people with sight loss for the better. But we couldn’t do this without the kindness and generosity of the individuals and organisations that help us to fund our work.

Why should you fundraise for Sight Life? Some of our service users would like to tell you.

“When I was diagnosed partially sighted I was totally scared and desperate. I was sent to Sight Life and I never looked back after that! They were brilliant, they introduced me to members who had similar problems to me; I had awful fears and they helped take them away because they inspired me to learn ways to cope and embrace life instead! It totally transformed my attitude to being positive and grateful for what sight and sense I had.”

“I really appreciate you calling every week. Your support has been wonderful. It has been lovely to talk to someone who understands. I had not realised how much of an effect my sight problems were having on my mental wellbeing”

Ready to fundraise for us and raise money to support our work? We have come up with some ideas for fundraising events which may help you get started. Or check out our A to Z of fundraising ideas. You can even fundraise for us without it costing you a penny – click here to find out how to raise money for Sight Life while you shop. If you need any help on how to run a fundraising event, take a look at our practical fundraising guide.

Do you have your own ideas about how you could raise funds for us? We would love to hear from you!

For any other ideas or queries, if you want to ask us anything specific or if you want our support, feel free to contact us on 029 2039 8900. Whatever you do and however much you raise, you’ll be making a real difference to the lives of blind and partially sighted people in South Wales.